Аbout the project
Аbout the project
.........Laboratory of Journalism and Laboratory of Art Criticism (in cooperation with "Baza" Institute) – are the new projects of the Winzavod Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art. The aim of Laboratory of Journalism is to create a stable environment where the emergence of a new generation of professional journalists' in the field of contemporary art, design, architecture and fashion, will occur. Laboratory of Art Criticism is designed to support and develop a school of esthetical critical thinking, inside informational space.
.........Both laboratories will contain theory and practice, allowing participants an opportunity to communicate directly with experts and at the same time put into practice their newly built knowledge. In order to publish materials and support participants this way, Winzavod is launching a special online-platform.
.........President of the Winzavod Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art Sofia Trotsenko: "Today's new projects of the WinzavodFoundation are aiming for the development of technologies in education: we would like to become a place, where people not only observe but also are able to think and speak. We are launching two laboratories: one for journalism and the other for art criticism. Both laboratories are launching, due to an obvious shortage of emerging names in the art field and also due to our interest in supporting professional approaches towards art. Contemporary art is able itself to help the participants to find ways of communication. Media experts, curators, and art critics, who would be invited, will support the emerging artists in the practical part".
Подпишитесь на рассылку из разных профессиональных областей — журналистики, цифровых медиа, дизайна, кино, социальных наук и других областей
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